Let’s make it a hard but enjoyable work(3/4) – Entrepreneurship at Tasmanian Whisky Distilleries REPORT #1: BELGROVE DISTILLERY



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  3. Let’s make it a hard but enjoyable work
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Chapter 3:Let’s make it a hard but enjoyable work

In this world, people start whisky production business for various reasons. In his case, it was not because he had a romantic dream or great vision with the whisky. He said he is the sixth generation of farmer in Tasmania, and he used to produce strawberry. However, due to some regulatory environment change, he needed to find different crops. Then he started producing rye, which unfortunately did not always sell favorably. So he needed to find yet another way to survive as a farmer, and came to envision the rye whisky business. “You have to turn the harvested rye to something I can monetize – Turning them into whisky was a natural consequence,” said he, smiling.

So he started the distillery by using his abandoned horse stable. With his green philosophy he not only made the process inside the distillery green, but also he addressed most of the whole value chain green. For example, no insecticides or fungicides are used on the rye. The tractor and other heavy vehicles are fueled by biodiesel made from fryer oil.


*FYI: Please visit this page found in Belgrove Distillery’s website to further understand the manifestation of his green philosophy:
http://belgrovedistillery.com.au/greenest-distillery/ )

However, I did notice this takes a very hard work for those who operate the distillery. Including Peter himself, currently they have only three full-time workforce and a part-time person for occasional support. With this small team, they stick to their green philosophy and continue the hard-work to produce high quality products which Jim Murray (Whisky Bible) twice appraised as ‘LIQUID GOLD.’

So I asked him, what is your organization management policy? Professionally, I am a management consultant focused on HR/Organization management area, this was a natural question from my side. His answer was simple – “It takes a hard work, but we try to enjoy it.” Now I know, enjoying this time-consuming, organic process as the team is the secret source of this distillery. The other two persons I met did seem to have been enjoying the work. They were relaxed, approachable, never cocky, yet quite knowledgeable. Great people.

Before I leave, Peter showed the pictures of some of his sand-sculpture works which he enjoys personally. In the sand-sculpture world, Peter is one of renowned award-winners. I could sense the source of his creativity there… He is an artist, living by the nature, and expressing his generous in many different ways, one of which is rye whisky! An amazing creator and entrepreneur in Tasmania.

*FYI: To see Peter’s profile as a sculptor, please visit: http://pbsculptures.com/


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